Welcome to The PIX!

The PIX are a generative pixel art NFT project on Tezos, a light, energy efficient and fast blockchain.

The EGGS and the PIX themselves are NFT, non-fungible tokens. That means the information about a PIX is stored directly on the blockchain. While the picture itself is stored in a big collective storage called IPFS, you will be able to recreate your PIX even if the file disappears, based on its data.
Every minted PIX displays the whole data about its traits, body parts and color palettes.

PIXEGGS are eggs containing a PIX. By burning a PIXEGG (using hicetnunc feature), you ensure to receive a unique 1/1 PIX!
But that’s not all! You can supercharge the next PIXEGG you’ll burn, by sending $EVIL or $DARK tokens to:


The process is:
– Get an egg (buy it, get a gift for your birthday, enter a raffle…)
– Optional: Sacrifice $EVIL or $DARK by sending it to sacrifice.tez
Burn your egg on hicetnunc
Wait until we hatch it. You’ll receive it in your wallet!


You can find The PIX on and, two awesome NFT marketplaces on Tezos.

There are two profiles:
PIXEGG holds the eggs that you have to burn in order to create your PIX.
THE PIX holds the index of every 1/1 character created from the egg.


$EVIL and $DARK are tokens created under the FA2 token protocol.
FA2 allows to create tokens, fungible, like $EVIL and $DARK, or non-fungible, as PIXEGGS and the PIX themselves.

How to buy $EVIL or $DARK?

You have to buy it on Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Quipuswap. Quipuswap allows to trade any FA2 Tezos token together including $EVIL and $DARK.
Quipuswap also provides a very good analytics page, enabling study of those token prices, volume, operations and liquidity.

BUY $EVIL (Evil Coin)

BUY $DARK (Dark Evil Coin)

We chose the Tezos blockchain because minting and transfering more than 1000 PIXs at once would cost a huge amount of energy, thus gas fees, on Ethereum.
Tezos allows to do that almost instantly, for a very low amount, even for hundreds of characters.

Show me some PIX!

No more spoil!

The system

How does it even work?

It is simple: we have a hatch engine.
The hatch engine will first fetch the list of transactions and match sacrificed $EVIL and $DARK with burnt eggs.

/!\ Important : always sacrifice your $EVIL or $DARK before burning the egg. Sacrificed tokens are only taken into accounts for next egg burns.

What are the main generation rules?

First of all, your PIX will receive a gender.

There are 3 genders:

  • Man and Woman (40% chances) will make your character have male or female traits. That includes hair, eyes, top cloth and accessories, and some palettes.
  • Non binary (20% chances) is much more rare and will make your character have any possible traits mixed together: you can have a non binary PIX with a male body, female dress and haircut, and male pants for example.

Then, your PIX starts being built by the engine.

  • Body parts are randomly generated.
    Some body parts always happen, like the actual body or head (except maybe sometimes… you’ll find out)
  • Accessories have 30% chance to happen each.
    Once the engine determined that your PIX will have an accessory, it will choose one item of this kind of accessory.
    As of beta version, every accessory have the same chances to happen once you’re supposed to have one.
    Please note that $EVIL or $DARK may add to the chance of spawning some accessories. The list is secret yet.
    example: 30% chances to have a hat, then 4 possible hats, with 25% chances each.
  • Special heads have 1% chance to happen. Once a special head is supposed to appear, your character is guaranteed to have one, but there’s another roll to determine which special head the PIX will receive. Some special heads are more rare than the other. Who will receive the tezzard head?
    Special heads replace your PIX head.
  • Pets are in. Your PIX has a low chance to have between 1 and 3 pets. The pets themselves have many heads and bodies that can combine together. A very rare perk that gets boosted by $EVIL or $DARK makes your character have between 1 and 64 pets.
  • Each part has its own custom color palette. Some elements are using the palette set for another element. As of the beta, the head shares the body color palette. Some element have a random chance to be body-colored, and a random chance to have their own color, like devil horns. Some elements have a custom color palette that can only get chosen for this element, like the ‘green eyes’ palette.
  • Secret rules: Background, aura, frame.
  • There are chances to get naked or topless of course. The bare minimum is a topless character with bottom underpants.
  • After the whole generation is complete, a new roll enabling your PIX to receive the EPIC RARE TRAITS happens. The formula is as follows:

5% base + ($EVIL sacrificed x20)% + ($DARK sacrificed x20)%

In a general way, the cap is 1 $EVIL + 1 $DARK.
You receive 1% chance of rolling EVIL or DARK traits by sending 0.01, so you have 100% chances for each aspect when you send 1 entire token of each.
This is the “wall”. If your PIX passes that test, then you’ll have other rolls for very rare traits and may end with at least a special trait.
Those special traits replace some already rolled traits.

If you burn 2 EGGS at once, your PIX will be a duo. Both eggs will appear on the same window.
If you burn more than 2 EGGS at once, there are 30% chances that a couple appears each time there are a pair. (if you burn 20 eggs, couples will try to form 10 times)


  • I still don’t have my PIX but I burnt the PIX egg, what’s happening you scamzord? Did I get fooled again?
    Pix hatch process is manual, meaning when we trigger it, all eggs that are waiting to spawn get created and sent to people.

  • Where’s Doja Cat?
    Maybe Doja Cat 1/1 PIX exists, maybe not. You’ll never know.

  • Are you going to release of grid of what’s rare or not? So that I know if my PIX is worth a penny or a lot.
    No. PIX aren’t base on a forced scarcity parameter. They are made to be a combination of many parameters. Rarity is born from the combination. There are rare traits. Also there are EPIC RARE TRAITS.

  • Do you need to send the eggs at a precise address?
    No. You burn the egg using hicetnunc burn feature, the burn tab. Eggs are made to be burnt so that the PIX gets created. What you have to send at a precise address is the $EVIL and $DARK tokens, and you send them to sacrifice.tez before burning your eggs.

  • Can a PIX have both dark and evil traits? Is it useful to send both before burning an egg or they can only get one of them?
    Yes! A PIX can have both dark and evil traits and those are different. You can choose whatever to send. Most of the special traits have an EVIL and a DARK factor.
    There’s no point in sending more than 1 $EVIL and 1 $DARK to sacrifice because your PIX is already maxed with that amount.


This is currently the BETA (V0). Each version will bring, apart from new features, a new set of accessories, traits, palettes and body parts. The system is made so that old and new PIX are compatible. That will be useful when PIX Battle happens.

V1 will add PERKS and PIX VIEWER, an application to check your perks and any perks from any other PIX by providing OBJKT ID or PIX ID.
V1 will also launch with new eggs with different rarities impacting generation of those new assets: common egg, rare egg, epic egg, and chaotic evil egg.
V1 will be ready Q4 2022 at best.

V2 will add PIX BATTLE! You can forget physical fights and imagine that this is a style battle. The PERKS will be taken into account in those epic battles. First version of those battles will only be local then next version will record results on the blockchain.
V2 will be ready Q1 2023 at best.

V3 will add PIX REBIRTH! Allowing you to send your little PIX to DEATH itself and see what it gets reborn into.


Trait typeTrait nameProbabilityDetails
GenderMale40%PIX is male and will receive male physical traits and cloth. Gender is hidden.
GenderFemale40%PIX is female and will receive female physical traits and cloth. Gender is hidden.
GenderNon binary20%PIX is non binary and will receive traits for either male or female.
BodyMale body50%PIX has a “male” body.
BodyFemale body50%PIX has a “female” body.
BackgroundAll backgrounds11%Each background has 11% chance to appear.
ShadowRound shadow60%PIX has a round shadow.
ShadowStar shadow40%PIX has a star shadow.
PetHaving pets33%PIX has 33% chances to have at least a pet, then 33% chances to have 1, 2 or 3. (3 pets = 11%)
PetEPIC pets3%PIX has 3% chances to have 4 to 64 pets.
Special headCactus head1%Rarest trait. Golden cactus has 0.1% chance to happen.
Arm accessoryTattoos12.5%PIX has tattoos on arms – if no armband.
Arm accessoryArmbands25%PIX has armbands.
Top underclothTopless25%PIX doesn’t have a shirt at all. They can have a jacket or other top cloth over it.
Top underclothUndercloth8%Each undercloth has 8% chances to appear.
Bottom clothPants20%Each pants has 20% chances to appear.
Jacket (Top cloth)Jacket6%Each jacket has 6% chances to appear. PIX can be nude under jacket. Gold jackets are more rare.
HeadHead shapeEach head has 33% chances to appear. PIX cannot be headless yet.
HeadEyes, mouth, hair, earsEach mouth, hair, ears and eyes have equal chances to appear.
HeadNose33%PIX has a nose, each nose has 11% chance to appear.
NosePinocchio11%PIX has a long nose and is probably a liar.
NoseClown11%PIX has a clown nose.
HairFront hair30%Woman haircuts have 30% chances to have strands.
HatsEach hat7.25%Each hat has 7.25% to appear, there are 10 hat colors.
HornsDevil horns tier 130%You PIX can have tier 1 horns without epic trait. There are 4 horn tiers, tiers 2 and more only happen if you receive epic traits.
MaskEach mask6%Each mask has 6% chances to appear, there are 5 different masks.
GlassesEach glasses9%Each glasses have 9% chances to happen. There are 3 different types of glasses.
ShoesEach shoesYour PIX always has shoes. Each pair has 15% chances to appear.
WatchEach watch16%Each watch has 16% chances to appear.
EPIC TRAITSUnlocking epic traits5 + ($EVIL*50)+($DARK*50) %If your PIX succeeds at that dice roll, it becomes possible to have epic traits. Each trait has its own roll on top of it.
$EVIL and $DARK greatly enhance chances to succeed at that dice, then moderately enhance chances to receive individual epic traits.

Keep in mind every rarity value following only happens if your PIX succeeds in this roll.
EPIC EVILVampire mouth30%If your PIX succeeds, mouth is replaced by vampire mouth.
EPIC EVIL/DARKEvil eyes40+($EVIL*7)+($DARK*4)%If your PIX succeeds, eyes are replaced by evil eyes.
EPIC EVILHaving evil horns 2/3/450+($EVIL*25)%If your PIX succeeds, it will add or replace horns with tier 2/3/4 horns. Another dice is rolled for the tier.
EPIC EVILEvil horns 250%After your PIX succeeds in having evil horns.
EPIC EVILEvil horns 335%After your PIX succeeds in having evil horns.
EPIC EVILEvil horns 415%After your PIX succeeds in having evil horns.
EPIC DARKHaving dark wings 1/2/312+($DARK*25)%If your PIX succeeds, it will add dark wings. Another dice is rolled for the tier.
EPIC DARKDark wings 1/2/333%After your PIX succeeds in having dark wings.
EPIC EVILHaving evil wings 1/2/310+($EVIL*20)%If your PIX succeeds, it will add evil wings. Another dice is rolled for the tier. Evil wings override dark wings.
EPIC EVILEvil wings 1/2/333%After your PIX succeeds in having evil wings.
EPIC DARKDark masks15+($DARK*20)%There are 3 different dark masks: sad bunny(40%), sad kitty(40%), sad antler(20%)
EPIC AURASHaving an aura50%+($EVIL*8)+($DARK*8)%The auras distort PIX background. To receive an aura, PIX must succeed at this dice roll. It can still succeed this roll and not have an aura.
The auras are determined in a hierarchical way, best auras override medium auras.
EPIC AURASDark Evil aura$EVIL sacrificed > 0.666 and $DARK sacrificed > 0.666 or 10+($EVIL/2)+($DARK/2)%The ultimate aura. Looks like a power aura distortion. Automatically granted if your sacrifice is superior to 0.666$EVIL+0.666$DARK, but you can also get it via a lucky dice roll.
EPIC AURASEvil aura$EVIL sacrificed > 0.6 or 10+($EVIL*12)%EVIL stamps all over the background. Automatically granted if your sacrifice is superior to 0.6$EVIL, but you can also get it via a lucky dice roll.
EPIC AURASDark aura$DARK sacrificed > 0.6 or 10+($DARK*12)%Background gets twisted in a vortex. Automatically granted if your sacrifice is superior to 0.6$DARK, but you can also get it via a lucky dice roll.
EPIC AURASChess aura30+($EVIL*5)+($DARK*5)%Background gets glitched based on a chess pattern. The only aura that is never automatically granted and always depends on luck. If you sacrifice too much $EVIL or $DARK to get it, you’ll receive the other auras.
EPIC FRAMESHaving a frame40+($EVIL*100)+($DARK*100)%Frames appear around your PIX picture. To receive a frame, PIX must succeed at this dice roll. It can still succeed at this roll and not have any frame.
The frames are determined in a hierarchical way, best frames override medium frames.
EPIC FRAMESDark Evil frame$EVIL sacrificed > 1 and $DARK sacrificed > 1 or 5%The absolute ultimate frame, EVIL golden pink energy infused with DARK energy. Your character probably did things you would never imagine.
Automatically granted if you sacrifice at least 1.0$EVIL + 1.0$DARK, but you can also get it via a very very lucky roll.
EPIC FRAMESEvil frame$EVIL sacrificed > 0.6 or 10+($EVIL*15)%Golden EVIL frame. Automatically granted if your sacrifice is superior to 0.6$EVIL, but you can also get it via a lucky dice roll.
EPIC FRAMESDark frame$DARK sacrificed > 0.6 or 10+($DARK*15)%Dark frame with void ashes. Automatically granted if your sacrifice is superior to 0.6$DARK, but you can also get it via a lucky dice roll.
EPIC FRAMESEmerald frame 10+($EVIL*1)+($DARK*1)%Green frame. The most difficult epic loot to boost with $EVIL or $DARK, mainly depends on a very lucky dice roll.